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By breck on September 22nd, 2012

Gear List

Quantum Audio Labs QM-12P  (1970’s Truly amazing tracking and mixing Monster) Mojo, Clarity and Punch for Days!!!

Quantum was a custom American made Console company in the 1970’s.  The design of the Preamp Modules are very similar to Quad Eight/Electrodyne Consoles of the same era.  The EQ’s are inductor and the transformers are Cinemag Greatness.

Modded With Modern Power Supply and High end Op Amps.  For Tracking or Mixing (Summing).  Awesome High End 70’s goodness.



(2) Martech MSS-10 (Freakin’ awesome)

(1) Neve 1272 From Vintage Console (early 70’s)

(2) Neve 1272 (Early Dan Alexander with orig Neve transformers and components)

(2) API 312 w/ original Melcore op amps From Vintage Console (early 70’s)

(1) API 312 w/ 2520 OpAMP and Reichenbach Input Tranny (From Demedio console @ Wally Heider Recording studio 4 in LA. Built in 1971)

(1) Chandler Germanium Preamp

(1) Mercury M76 Tube Preamp (contemporary Telefunken V76) (w/NOS Telefunken Tubes)

(1) Siemens V72 preamp (late 50’s original·awesome)

(1)Valley People Tranzamp preamp From Vintage Console (early 70’s)

(1) A-Designs MP-1 Tube Pre (w/NOS Amperex tubes)

(1) Universal Audio 610 tube Pre (w/NOS Amperex tubes)

(1) AEA TRP Stereo Hi-gain Ribbon Pre-amp. (Super clean)


(2) Neve Portico 5033 Parametric 5 band EQ’s (Amazing)

(2) ADM 1541 EQ’s (Vintage console EQs with in/out transformers) (early 70’s)

(2) Shure SR 107 EQ’s  (secret weapon early 70’s Punch machines)

(1) Retro Instruments Sta-Level Compressor

(1) Neve 5043 Stereo compressor

(1) SSL Stereo Mix Bus Compressor (Authentic SSL from vintage “E” series console)

(2) Stereo 1176 (Custom top shelf stereo 1176 by Woodline Audio) Sowter Trannies – Wow! Yep….that’s 2 stereo boutique 1176’s.  These things are always plugged in for either tracking or mixing.  Crazy flexibility and sonics.

(1) 1940’s RCA Varimu Tube Comp

(1) Anthony Demaria ADL 1500 Stereo tube comp (w/NOS Amperex tubes)

(1) Universal Audio 1176 LN

(1) DBX 162 VU vintage Stereo compressor

(1) Urei LA-3A (with low noise mod)

(1) Urei LA-4 (with Eddie Ciletti mod, top shelf Caps, upgraded power supply….best LA4 I’ve ever heard)

Neumann U47 Tube (1956 model··.WOW!!!)

Neumann M49B (updated to C) (1957 model) 3-D image and unbelievable tone)

Neumann U67 (Early 70’s ·..from Record Plant LA Studio·..Fantastic!)

Neumann U87i (1974) Classic 87 sound Neumann

KM 84 x 3 (Easiest Acoustic Guitar mic ever! Practically mixes itself)

Neumann KM 83 (great dedicated omni SDC. Super sweet sound an acoustics, and anything else)

Sony C37A Tube Mic (Total charmer on Vox, great snare tone, Room mic Guitar, etc)

Sony c-55P (SDC) (My Fav for clean guitar and re-amping keys)

Schoeps 221b “Stereo Pair” tube mics with 934C capsules (Amazing on any acoustic source & OH)

Royer Labs R-101  Ribbon Mic    (love this thing)

AKG TD-19-C “Beatles Mic” Awesome dynamic mic

AKG 451CB  x2  (matched stereo pair·..early model w/ ck1 and ck2 capsules)

AKG 451 E  x1  (Vintage)

AKG 451 EB  x2  (Vintage)

RCA 77DX Ribbon (restored by Clarence Kane @ Enach Audio NJ)

Royer R-101 Ribbon

Telefunken D77 Stereo Dynamic (1967) ambient drum mic used on Joan Osborn’s “Relish” Album

Beyer Dynamics MC 740 N

Beyer DynamicsM88

Shure SM57 (original Shure Unidyne vintage)

Shure SM58 (New)

Shure Beta 57

Shure 588 (predecessor to the SM58)

EV 635 “Hammer Mic”

EV PL 95 “Donkey Dick”

Sennheiser MD 441 U3

Sennheiser MD 421 U5 (original vintage)

Sennheiser MD 409 (Rare Echolette Gold “fancy” version – originally owned and used by the Doobie Brothers)

Sennheiser 835E

Audio Technica ST 90 Limited Edition  (Hard to find……killer Elec Cab alternative)

Shure 819 PZM (my new fav “Crush Mic”)

Audio Technica AT812

Audio Technica ATM41 HE x 2

1959 Gibson J-50 (one of the very best sounding J45/50’s you’ll ever play)

1949 Gibson L-50 (so much fun)

Taylor Dan Crary Dreadnought Guitar (1990 model) (This Guitar is a Beast)

1966 Gibson B25 (cherry guitar!)

1978 Fender Telecaster  (Don’t care what they say about 70’s Teles’    This thing rules!!!

1960 Harmony Patrician Arch Top Jazz Guitar (w/Benedetto PU)

Jerry Jones Short horn Electric Guitar

90’s Gibson SG Standard

Fender American Stratocaster (Standard w/ Fralin PU’s)

Hi Strung Parlor style Acoustic Guitar (nice little bright twang)

1974 Fender P Bass  ( yep….there’s “that” sound)  So  wonderful!!!!

Fender Mustang “P-Stang” Bass (60’s Mustang with Custom Shop P-Bass PUPs and elecs) My fav Bass ever!!!! Old school P sound with a short scale neck. sometime Jamerson Flats, some times Rotosound 66 Swing.    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Gamma – Alpha….Custom P Bass.  Strung with light/med Flats.  Joy to play, and sounds fab.

Wurlitzer Upright (1971, mint condition, holds amazing tune) Super charming and delicious. Former owned by top Nashville session player Chris Tuttle. Chris had to make space for a remodel, or he wouldn’t have let this go.  You’ll fall in Love.

Wurlitzer 200A  (60’s/70’s Wurli Heaven) Great condition.  Soooo fun and Vibey!     


1962 Fender Pro Tube Guitar Amp (Godlike··.No Chime like this chime)

1960’s Gibson Skylark Tube Guitar Amp (Lenny Kravitz’s favorite studio amp. Really kicks butt)

1949  Valco Oahu Supro   Guitar Amp   (Just the coolest thing ever)

1967 Ampeg SB-12 Tube Bass/Guitar Amp – British Audio in Nashville helped me finally get this thing perfect.  Best SB-12 ever. Plus it has a Faital 12PR300 speaker in it. (Great character Bass amp as well as clean Guitar Amp). You will want to take this home!!!

1966 Fender Bassman Head (165 circuit) (This Bassman w/ my 2×12 combo is truly awesome)

Custom 2×12 cabinet with an Eminence Red Coat “Tonker” and Weber Alnico Blue (Weber Alnico Silver Bell option)

TC Electronics Chorus/Flanger

Marshall Shred Master

Blues Driver Overdrive

Rocktron Austin Gold

Ratt Overdrive (old model with famed LM308 opamp).

Vamp Power – Custom Overdrive pedal….

Steve Crisp “Crispy Critter” Overdrive (Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Tech Built this and sold me his prototype).  It’s so good that a custom Pedal maker here in Nashville is making a variation). Organic & Bright

Boss Compressor

KMD Analog Delay (From Steve Crisp’s private collection) My Fav Pedal ever.

Guyatone SV-2 Slow Volume (Swell Pedal)

70’s Ludwig Drum Kit (Pointy Badge era)  22, 16, 13, 12  On and isolated 350lb Platform. Studio Kit

Modern Ludwig “Epic” 20, 12, 14 floor   (Living Room Kit)

1960’s Paiste 602 14″ Hats (700, 780 gram) Super light, rare.

early 70’s  602  14″ HH top 745 Gram

60’s Avedis 14″ 745 gram Top (rare)

Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary 18″ Crash, 20″ Ride (OMG)

Paiste Signature Dark Energy 14″ Hi Hats

Paiste 15″ Giant Beat Hi Hats

Paiste Signature Dark Energy 15″ Hi Hat Top

Zildjian 15″   60’s Avedis Hi Hats

Zildjian 12″   60’s Avedis Hi Hats

Zildjian Trans Stamp (1940’s)  14″ Hi Hats  (paper thin)

70’s Sabian B20 14″ Hi Hats (Hand made by Italian Company Tosco) Great!! (2 Pair)

Paiste 2002 19″ Thin Crash

Paiste  18″ Full Crash   x 2  (Studio and gig bag)

Paiste 2002 18″ Med Crash

Paiste ME 602 22″ Ride  (OM freekin’ G)

Paiste 22″ Giant Beat Ride

Paiste 22″ 2002 Ride

Zildjian K Dark 18″ Crash

Zildjian A 16″ Med Thin Crash

Zildjian A 18″ Med Thin Crash

Zildjian 10″    K    Dark  Splash

Zildjian Paper thin 60’s Avedis Splash

Vintage Zildjian Trans Stamp (1940’s)  18″ crash,  20″ Ride,  14″ Hi Hat (paper thin).  These are exquisite!  You’ll never hear anything so lush.  If your a banger, bring yer own!!!!

Ching Ride with Hi Hat mount

Ludwig 6.5×14 Black Beauty  (2016)

Ludwig 6.5×14 Black Beauty Super Sensitive (80’s Monroe era)

Early 60’s Ludwig Acrolite Snare (Still my most used and Fav snare)

Slingerland Late 50’s  14 x 5.5  Radio King Snare

Rogers Late 50’s  14 x 5  Wood  Powertone Snare

Rogers Late mid 60’s  14 x 5  COB  Powertone Snare

Pearl “Omar Hakim” Snare  (Drummers love this thing)

DW  5.5 x 14  Maple Snare (currently with Calf Skin head) Very distinct.

Authentic West African Djembe

Authentic Australian Outback Didgeridoo

Cajon Hand drum

Assorted percussion instruments

CVRSE CuPlate-1 Stereo  Plate Reverb  (Yes…A real Plate Reverb……not a plug in)

(1) NEVE PORTICO 5042 Tape emulator (stereo) Always in Use!!!

(1) Lexicon PCM 90 Reverb (with Custom Algorithms, including Tiled Room)

(1) Lexicon LXP-1 Reverb (awesome Dark Hall, with great sounding Delay)

(1) Summit Audio TD-100 Tube Direct Box (w/NOS Mullard Tube) Clean & Punchy!

(1) Radial X-Amp Active Reamping device

(1) Radial SGI (Guitar Interface) Record from control Room with no loss of signal. Great!!

(1) Switchcraft SC 800  DI w/ Jensen Transformer

(1) Boss DI-1 Active DI

Forssell MADA -2A    2 channel AD converter  (Mixing and Mastering Nirvana….and tracking)

Apogee Rosetta 800 8 channel AD/DA converter

Apogee Big Ben (master word clock 192K)

Mac G5 (loaded)

Protools HD2 Digi 192 w/ 2 Accel cards

All Mogami, Beldin and Vovox Wiring and cables

Furman IT 20 Balanced Power Conditioner

Pro Tools HD


Melodyne Studio  (and Plugin)

Addictive Drums w/ retro Pack

FabFilter Pro-C, Timeless and Volcano

Sonalksis – Total Bundle

Sonnox – Inflator

Sonnox EQ (W-GML upgrade)

Sonnox Dynamics

Sound Toys Native Bundle (Echo Boy, Decapitator, etc)

MCDSP Channel G and MC 2000

Redline Reverb

Focusrite D2/D3

URS A10 & N12

Waves RBass

Drawmer Dynamics

IK Technologies Classic Studio Reverb Package

BF Fairchild 660 and 670, BF76, LA2A, LA3, LA4

T-Racks Bundle

Massey Plugs L2007, CT-4 and Tapehead


DUI (Everypack) plugin bundle  (Includes my Fav “Wide,” as well as Valve and Shape.

Various assorted plug-ins (Auto Tune, VocAlign, Purple, Joe Meek, Moog, etc, etc·.Lots)

Focal Solo 6 BE

Focal CMS Subwoofer (OMG….So Helpful)

Yamaha PA 10 (Powered NS 10’s)

Avantone Powered Mixcube  (gotta get the mono car speaker results!)

Altec Lansing PC speakers

Central Station (Only for Straight Wire Monitoring) Conversion by Apogee or Digi

Beyer Dynamics DT 990 Pro (2 pr)

Beyer Dynamics DT 770 (2 pr)

Sony 7506 (4 pr)

Sony MDR-V700DJ Sennheiser EH 1430

Sennheiser closed ear head phones

OZ Audio Headphone Amp